Clinical Psychologists at London Trauma Specialists have substantial experience in the preparation of Expert Witness Court Reports for adults presenting with a wide range of psychological difficulties in the aftermath of a traumatic experience. 

We have expertise in the following areas: childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence, coercive control, birth trauma, trafficking and modern slavery, conflict and war zones.

We take instruction for: criminal and civil cases (for both the prosecution and the defence); immigration and asylum appeals; CICA tribunals. We accept legal aid cases.

Solicitors and organisations we have taken instructions from include: Crown Prosecution Service, Birnberg Peirce, Bindmans, Deighton Pierce Glynn, Kingsly Napley, Shaw Graham Kersh, Centre for Women’s Justice, Appeal

Some recent cases include (please click links for further information):

Criminal (Defence): Murder Case

Civil: Rochdale Grooming Gang

Civil: CPS – Rape & Sexsomnia
Criminal (Prosecution): Serial Rape Case
Court of Appeal: Coercive Control
Criminal (Prosecution): Childhood Sexual Abuse Case
Civil: Undercover Police Case
Civil: Sexual Assault in Yarlswood Detention Centre

Criminal (Prosecution): Childhood Sexual Abuse

Please contact us for an outline of our individual expertise and fee structure.